Notasulga Police Department

76 West Main Street
Notasulga, AL 36866
Phone: (334) 257-3444

Michael Knowles, Police Chief

Emergencies: 911
Non-emergency: (334) 257-3444/ (334) 257-3446

The Notasulga Police, under the direction of the Police Chief, is charged with the responsibility of preserving the peace and order of the Town of Notasulga through the enforcement of all criminal ordinances and laws of the Town, the State, and the United States. The Notasulga Police is devoted to the prevention of crime, the repression of crime, the investigation of crime that does occur, the apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders, and to the safety and security of all citizens and visitors within our community.

To protect the life and property of all citizens against criminal activity and to create a secure and safe environment within the Town.

Our police officers and radio dispatchers are available to you for non-emergency/emergency issues 24/7 by calling ​​​​(334) 257-3444.

911 for emergencies

•Life and/or property is in immediate danger
•There is fire or smoke
•A crime is being committed
•Emergency medical or rescue assistance is needed

Police Chief, Michael Knowles      (334) 257-3446
Cpl. Erik Richardson

Officer Howard Ray
Officer James Strong

Copies of accident/IO/fire report $5.00
Finger Prints  $25.00
Local background checks*  $15.00
Finger printed and local background checks*  $35.00
*Local background checks require an affidavit form and seen by Court Clerk

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